Druid Retreat (Indo-European Practices)

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Welcome to the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary!

Located at Trout Lake Abbey in Trout Lake, WA, the Sanctuary hosts Druid festivals and celebrates the Neopagan High Holidays. ADF Druidry is a re-imagining of the ancient practices of the pre-Christian Indo-Europeans. The Sanctuary honors all the cultures of the ancient Indo-Europeans, but specializes in those of ancient Celtia (Ireland, Wales, and ancient Gaul). In Celtic practice, the ancient Druids were priests, scholars, astronomers, diviners, magic-workers, lawyers, and advisors to kings and rulers.

The White Mountain Druid Sanctuary is a complex of shrines dedicated to the Celtic Gods and Goddesses at Trout Lake Abbey in Trout Lake, WA. High Holiday rites in the tradition of Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF) are held here, usually on the nearest Saturday to the actual date.

Druidry is a modern religion based upon our understanding of the ancient, pre-Christian religions of Europe and India. A Druid is a person who reveres Nature and whose practice is to form relationships with Spirits and other people through the process of gift-exchange. The ancient phrase, “I give so that you may give,” describes these relationships very well.

The Stone Circle and the Sanctuary nestle close together. As more and more altars and temples are added, and plantings are added and mature, the complex should begin to come together more completely as a unity. There is a small pond to the west of the circle between it and the Nature Spirits Walk, and in the northwest will be an Ancestors Mound, which will also serve as a storage place for the apples we grow and harvest at the Abbey.We plan to put a seat at the top of the mound, where, as in Arberth in The Mabinogi, ‘wonders’ may be seen while in trance. To the north of the Sanctuary is a small lawn with a place in the center where the Maypole is placed and used at Beltane, and north of that is the new Labyrinth. The entire complex (including Labyrinth) is visible in this aerial photo (right).


Rev. Kirk Thomas
Email : druidkirk@gmail.com

White Mountain Druid Sanctuary at Trout Lake Abbey
46 Stoller Road
Trout Lake, WA 98650

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