The Perennial Wisdom of Rumi’s Teachings

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a workshop to explore and experience by
Pouria Montazeri

Friday, September 23, 2022
(6:00-8:00 PM)
The Perennial Wisdom of Rumi’s Teachings
An evening introductory talk exploring how the 13th-century Persian Sufi poet Rumi’s teachings continue to permeate the heart realms over 750 years after his passing. The evening will include questions and responses from the participants and will hint at the next day’s workshop.

Suggested donation $25.00

We would rather have you than your donations so do not let finances prevent you from attending.

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About Rumi

Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Balkhī Rumi is greatly appreciated in the West. Still, few understand
the depth of his spiritual and cultural context and the Persian language or know the many
layers of meaning lost in translations and renditions. It will be difficult to grasp Rumi’s poetry
without understanding his mystical language and background.

Rumi was a saint and a mystic. He was not a poet in the traditional sense where one sits and
composes poetry, and he did not utter poetry before meeting Shams of Tabriz – over thirty-
seven years of his life. His poems are considered sacred verses to those on the Path of Love. He
uttered these verses spontaneously in ecstasy beyond mind and reason as his students wrote
them down. Learn more about Rumi here.

About Pouria

Pouria Montazeri is the founder of In the Footprints of Rumi, through which he uses his
privileges as someone familiar with the language, culture, and religious/spiritual background of

Rumi to support individuals in understanding what Rumi said and taught which has been
ignored, erased, or misinterpreted through translations and renditions in the West.
Pouria supports individuals in embodying and tasting the transformative depth and beauty of
these practices and language inside their hearts through these teachings and providing key
translations and contexts.
Pouria trusts the brilliancy of each individual and their spiritual paths to take Rumi’s perennial
teachings and marinate in and implement them in their lives. Learn more about Pouria here.

Rumi Workshop Friday and/or Saturday

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