Online Education: Taking Refuge Study Classes

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4 Noble Truths, 10 Precepts
What is taking vows?
Noble  Eightfold Path

Online Education – Taking Refuge Study Classes
Saturdays, Nov. 12, 19, and 26 at 10:30am – 11:30am 
followed by a taking refuge ceremony on Dec. 3rd.


Nov. 12th– Sister Minh Bao (Candice)- Learn about the Four Noble Truths which are our historical teacher, Shakyamuni Buddha’s foundational teaching on suffering, the cause of suffering, and the end of suffering, and the path to the end of suffering.   Taking refuge & precepts will also be explained.  
Nov. 19th– Rev. Scott (Minh Tự)- Learn in more detail about taking refuge in the Triple Gem–The Buddha, The Dharma, and The Sangha.  Life can be challenging, and Buddhist teachings and Buddhist practitioners can be a great source of comfort.
Nov. 26th– Rev. Emily Martin (Minh Tăng) –  Learn about The Noble Eightfold Path.  This path is Shakyamuni’s antidote to the suffering that is endemic to our lives filled with attachment, anger, and delusion.  Learn about letting go and the middle way.  


Dec. 3rd– Participate in a formal ceremony of taking refuge in Triple Gem–The Buddha, The Dharma, and The Sangha.  Participants will receive a Dharma name in the tradition of our Vietnamese Thien lineage.  Please be sure to register below if you plan on taking refuge.  It’s okay, even encouraged, to take refuge multiple times.  

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