This is the way of those who follow the Dharma. They have become skilled and peaceful, seek the good, and follow the path:

May they be able and upright, straightforward, of gentle speech and not proud.
May they be content and easy wherever they are. May they be unburdened, with their senses calm. May they be wise and not arrogant.
May they not seek followers or supporters.
May they live without desire for the possessions of others. May they do no harm to any living being.

On this one should reflect:
May all beings be happy.
May they live in safety and joy.

All living beings, whether weak or strong, old or young, man or woman, smart or foolish, healthy or disabled, seen or unseen, near or distant, born or to be born, may they all be happy.

Let no one deceive or despise another being, whatever their status. Let no one through anger or hatred wish harm to another.

As parents watch over their children, willing to risk their own lives to protect them, so with a boundless heart may we cherish every living being, bathing the entire world with unobstructed and unconditional loving-kind- ness.

Standing or walking, sitting or lying down, in each moment may we re- main mindful of this heart and this way of living that is the best in all the world.

May this sublime abiding, holding no fixed views, obtain pure hearted clarity of vision and freedom from sensual desires. In this state one is free from the cycle of rebirth and death.