The Mount Adams Thien Buddhist Temple is a small country temple

The Mount Adams Thien Buddhist Temple is a small country temple with both Northern & Southern Chan (Thien) traditions. We have services on Saturday mornings plus meditation services most mornings and some evenings. Please check our calendar for times. Our Mission: Our mission is to work towards the cessation of suffering by providing Meditation and Dharma (the teachings) education and support for our community.

$100,000 matching grant. Make your money work twice as hard.

A donor has offered $100,000 towards matching grants. All donations will be matched 1:1 until the $100,000 runs out.  So that means, if you donate $100, that’s like donating $200.  If you donate $100,000 that’s like donating $200,000.  All donations will be matched.  Any amount is appreciated.  

There are Three Ways To Donate

There are Three Ways To Donate

Help us Build a new Zen Buddhist Temple

We are a small Thien (Chan/Zen) Buddhist temple at the base of Mt. Adams in Southern Washington State.  Our hope is to build a free standing Dharma Hall/Temple on our land.  We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt religious organization.

Our abbot is Venerable Thay Kozen (Thich Minh Thinh)  is ordained in the Vietnamese Zen tradition (Southern or quick enlightenment school, Rinzai in Japan).  Our primary practice is meditation and metta (loving kindness).

Our current temple is on the second floor of a 110-year-old barn.  We have a 3 stage building plan, 1- a new temple building, 2- a dining room/commercial kitchen, 
3-  classroom/auditorium.

We’re saving all funds in an interest bearing savings account until we have the funds to build the temple.

Avalokitesvara’s (Kuan Yin, Quanyin, Quan Am) statue stands in front of our temple.  Shown here buried in snow during the harsh winter of 2017.  Mt. Adams shows through in the background.

Our current temple is located on the second floor of a 110 year old barn.  Can you help us build a new temple?

May all of us be well and happy and may we all know love and peace.

Generosity: Dana and the Art of Giving

The custom of Dana, or generosity, set forth by the Buddha, is a compassionate, ethical practice based in the realization of interconnectedness, and a way that you can support a teacher and community of practice in sustaining the realization of Truth.

The exquisite paradox in Buddhism is that the more we give – and the more we give without seeking something in return – the wealthier (in the broadest sense of the word) we will become. By giving we destroy those acquisitive impulses that ultimately lead to further suffering.

We are a 501(c) 3 tax exempt religious organization. Donations made to us can be credited by the IRS as a donation and you may receive a deduction in your taxes.

Please support our work through your generosity. Your donations are a way that you can ensure the continuation of the work and practice of the Mt. Adams Buddhist Temple.

Temple Membership: Become a temple member with a monthly pledge

One Time Gift: In gratitude or celebration for a special event or life occurrence.

Memorial and Named Gifts: Honor a family member, loved one or friend by donating in their name.

Designated Gifts: Create a donor-advised fund to support a specific need.

Planned Giving: Support the Zen Center’s programs through bequests, charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities and maximize personal objectives while minimizing after-tax costs. Put us in your will.

Scholarship Fund: A fund set up to make it possible for people without adequate income to attend programs and retreats.

Priest Fund: To provide for education and training for Buddhist Clergy


  • Organic Brown Rice
  • Organic Vegetables
  • Rice Paper Wrappers
  • Organic Tofu
  • Organic Fruit
  • Corelle (Vitrelle) White Plates and bowls