Sangha Retreat 2024

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Sangha Retreat – What to Expect

Retreat is a time of meditation and education.  Anytime away from home may be a bit psychologically and emotionally challenging. Sleeping in a new space and a change in physical environment is a challenge many participants will encounter and should be expected.  This retreat will not be like a playful summer camp.  It is a time of training our monkey mind and to grow inner practice.  You will live a similar life as a monk or nun in training.

Retreats are often held in silence. We have set times for silence and maintain it for that period of time.. During retreat we meditate together several times a day.  Sitting meditation is usually done for 30 minutes.  Walking meditation, Metta Meditation, Mindful practice and the mindfulness bell will occur throughout the retreat. Please bring your own meditation cushion or sitting bench if possible, the Sangha retreat will be large and our supplies are limited. 

Meal times in the mornings and evenings are casual,  The  lunch meal is formal and held in silence.  Meals will be vegetarian with dairy and eggs available.  Breakfast and lunch are regular meals.  The evening meal is a piece of fruit, milk (Soy, Almond, Dairy).  If you need additional food – please bring your own food that does not need cooking.  Refrigerator use is available.

There is a morning work period and a few breaks throughout the day. The daily schedule will include a dharma talk from a teacher, interviews with the teacher, and informal tea at night.

  • The wake up bell begins at 5:30 AM, program starts at 6:00 AM  and end around 9 PM
  • The morning work period lasts roughly 60 minutes. During this period, participants engage in mindful work practice, meal preparation, cleaning, or gardening.
  • There are scheduled breaks after meals.
  • Please arrive between 1 PM and 6 PM on Friday evening.

DOs and Don’ts


Wear comfortable loose clothing, Bring a coat and extra blanket and rain gear if appropriate.
Take off shoes in the temple, mountain & fireside room, Plan on garden work – bring gloves
Stop and take 3 deep breaths when the mindfulness bell rings.  Treat all beings with respect.
Bow often with hands together.  Offer support to others by listening, smiling, and being present.


No alcohol or recreational drug use.  Tobacco may be used off campus at the entrance gate.
No Loud talk after 7 PM.  No campfires or private cooking.
Don’t speak during Nobel Silent times
Don’t offer medication or health advice

Payment can be made here


No one will be turned away due to financial constraints. But your support is greatly appreciated.

Payment can be made here