Master Wan Xing


Master Wan Xing’s book, Seclusion and Awakening, a Buddhist memoir of Master Wan Xing, is now out in paperback and e-book formats.

When I read this book I had a sense of Master Wan Xing’s, the Chan (Zen) Master’s, real sense of drive to discover the awakening that the Buddha taught. The two episodes of seclusion in a cave along with the study under a Master were quite graphic at times and very real. The Buddha taught us that, “what we think we become”. This book asked me to focus my mind on my own practice and I am very grateful for that instruction. I am honored to be part of the group to have worked on publishing this book in English. May all beings find peace.

Please help us get this book into to public’s awareness – purchase 1 paperback book and also an electronic copy if you wish.

You can purchase Seclusion and Awakening at or at Barnes and Noble.

“If you believe, believe deeply. If you cultivate, cultivate fiercely.”

With these words begins the incredible tale of the Chinese Buddhist Master, Wan Xing, and his quest for awakening. Taking these words to heart, he started his intense journey at an early age, running away from home to ordain as a monk in a Buddhist Temple. He carried this fervor with him to school, where he would volunteer to clean the public lavatories for two years in between his studies at the Buddhist institute. This was a starting point for his great devotion to his purpose. And when he finally decided that academic study would only take him so far, and that a more direct approach was called for, he had himself sealed into a cave for two years.

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