Kozen History Photos


Ruth Fuller Sasaki

The first person to confirm that Kozen was A Zen Buddhist and instructed him in Zazen

in the Rinzai Tradition.


Nanrei Kabori Roshi

Gave Kozen his first Koan and invited him to study in Japan


Suda Roshi

Japanese Master in southern Japan where Kozen lived and trained at his temple.

Kozen as a New Monk At Daitokuji


Matsuoka Roshi

American Master who Kozen studies with for many years.  Kozen was the assistant administration of the Long Beach Zen center for 5 years.

Saito RoshiSaito Roshi

Saito Roshi renewed Kozen’s Soto Shu ordination

Thay An Giao

Thich An Giao

Vietnamese Zen Tradition Master who ordained Kozen in the Vietnamese Zen School

Desert Zen Center Retreat

Zen Buddhist Saying:

“Normally, we do not so much look at things as overlook them” — Alan Watts